Ear AccuDetox

The information provided was compiled by Nicole Mires, L.Ac., using resources from NADA Ear Acupuncture Detox training. Nicole runs a private acupuncture practice in downtown Washington DC, and has a background in psychology with over 10 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can contact Nicole at Nicole@pekoedc.net, or visit her Web site at www.pekoedc.net

What is an Ear AcuDetox Clinic?

AcuDetox treatments are typically used in group settings for trauma victims, addiction recovery, and therapy for PTSD. This modality has been used in different settings in the United States, and has gained popularity in community clinics all over the world because of its profound effectiveness for deep mind and body healing.

The sessions are also very relaxing and balancing, and generally beneficial for anyone interested, especially those who don’t like talking about their feelings and just need a quiet space to go to clear things up. This treatment is also beneficial for those who are seemingly stuck in their pattern or imbalance; it has a way of opening you up to your already ongoing medical treatments. There are no contraindications for Ear AcuDetox aside from if you are experiencing an ear infection.

  • The treatment involves the gentle placement of five small, sterilized and disposable, stainless steel needles in specific sites on each ear.
  • The treatment is a non-verbal process that does not require the patient to undergo extended intakes or disclosure of personal information.
  • The treatment benefits are noticed immediately, creating a safe and quiet place for the person to calmly go inward.
  • The treatment helps participants to become more relaxed and more comfortable in his or her own thoughts, enabling the participant to experience a sense of “letting go” of tensions and apprehensions, and supporting quiet participation a group setting with others who are involved in the process of healing.
  • The participant is able to become comfortable in relationships with others and his or her self, the treatment is effective regardless of the participant’s level of motivation for relaxation or letting go, and at the same time opens doors so that other health improvement efforts become more effective.
  • The acupuncture needles remind the participant of what he or she already has, opening up possibilities on the body, mind, and spirit levels.

The five ear points used are:

    • Sympathetic Point: Balances sympathetic nervous system via parasympathetic sedation, reduces epinephrine/norepinephrine levels for relaxation, and calms the spirit.
    • Shen Men (Heart Gate): Alleviates pain, tension, excessive sensitivity, and reduces hypertension. Tranquilizes the mind and relieves anxiety, depression, insomnia, and restlessness. Opens connection to the spirit; ability to love self and others.
    • Kidney Point: Stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, influences mental state and happiness, reminds self of his or her own willpower to overcome, and allows self to open up.
    • Liver Point: Stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, relieves muscle cramps. Aids in clear thinking and decision making, relieves frustration, depression, and anger.  Helps to find direction in life.
    • Lung Point: The lung point regulates pores, aids in regulation of grief and sadness, improves sense of connection, and self-respect. Reminds self of connection with spirit, and provides inspiration.

Preparing for the Treatment: 
I encourage you to use the bathroom before the treatment, since we are using points which have a strong moving, or flushing effect. You can come to the treatments as is—you don’t have to wear any particular type of clothing or disrobe in any way, since we are only treating the ears. You do want to be comfortable, however, and you will be in a reclining chair or laying down using props to bolster yourself to be able to relax completely.

What to Expect:
 While the treatment will bring you to a calm state of relaxation, some will notice a deep sense of wellbeing and letting go of repetitive or obsessive thoughts, while others notice a sense of heightened awareness and clarity of thought. Everyone reacts differently, and it can be a fun journey to see where your mind takes you.

During the Treatment: 
The ear can be a sensitive place to be needled, and occasional points may feel a very slight sting as they are being inserted but the sensation is temporary and worth the overall experience.  Some of the ear needles may drop, or fall out during the session. This is perfectly normal, and the needle does not need to be replaced since the point has already been stimulated. The needles are retained for approximately thirty minutes while you relax, practice your deep breathing, or just let the treatment take you where you need to go. If your mind is racing or you can’t seem to relax, don’t get too stuck on that, as the treatment will work no matter what is going on inside your head. Some issues may come to the forefront of your mind, and that’s just your subconscious working things out. If, at any time, you feel anxious or agitated and this doesn’t clear after a few deep, cleansing breaths, raise your hand and we will come help you through the discomfort.  If you experience dizziness or start to feel a headache coming on, please let the practitioner know by raising a hand, just in case one of the points is too stimulating.

After Your Treatment:
 You can carry on as usual after your session, and you may find that things that normally bother you simply melt away.  The beauty of acupuncture is that while your stressors will still be present, your reaction to them alters. Over time with subsequent treatments, you may find this easier and easier to do. Since the points do have a detoxing effect, I encourage you to drink a lot of water throughout the day, and feel free to ask the acupuncturist or any of the Wellness Room Team if anything comes up that you may need further coaching.

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